The scene: Late evening – a pub / restaurant in New York.

A drunken man vomits into a glass which spills onto the table.

A waiter takes off the table cloth and wipes the table with a large white cloth. No sanitiser!

Another waiter comes along with a dry broom and “sweeps” the vomit that has fallen to the floor.

The first waiter replaces the table cloth and…wait for it….

Polishes the newly laid cutlery with the very same cloth!

This is not fiction. A group of three of us witnessed this very recently.

Most places in New York seem to be graded “A” in food safety by the health authority and proudly display this in their windows.

What we witnessed demonstrated lack of food safety culture, lack of food safety knowledge, lack of food safety training and above all a lack of common sense! Grade A? Hmmmmm…..

FSA recall – product packaged in unapproved premises BRC Global Standards Issue 6 Guidance – Part 3 – HACCP