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Food Safety Audits

How sure are you that your unit fully complies with current food hygiene regulations? Our team of expert, trained auditors will conduct a third party assessment to help you gain and maintain a Food Hygiene Rating of 5

Food Safety Audits

Food Safety Auditors – Enhancing your culture of food safety

How sure are you that your unit fully complies with current food hygiene regulations? How do you know what it takes to achieve a Food Hygiene Rating of 5?

Food Safety Auditors by MQM Consulting

Just how good are your food hygiene standards?

Don’t leave it to guesswork! Our team of expert, trained food safety auditors will conduct a third party assessment (called a food safety or food hygiene audit) of your conditions, premises, practices and even food safety culture to ensure you are compliant. We provide easy to follow reports, full debriefing with documented recommendations and even a certificate to Gold, Silver or Bronze level based on outcome of audit. Gain and maintain that Food Hygiene Rating of 5!

What is a Food Safety Audit?

Auditing is an inspection and observation of condition, procedure, records and practices to measure compliance against a legal reference or code of practice. That code of practice could be a commercial standard such as the BRC Global Standards Global Standard for Food Safety, an International Standard such as ISO 22000, or, our “HygieneCheck” simple, scored audit report. HygieneCheck is produced to the exact requirements of EC 852/2004 the European Food Hygiene Regulations and important support regulations such as the Food Information for Consumers Regulations (EC 1169/2011). If you are seeking help with gaining or maintaining certification to a Global Food Safety Initiative Standard such as BRC Global Standards or FSSC22000 then please visit our web page here. If you operate within the Hotel / Restaurant / Catering (HoReCa) sector then please read on:-

Food Hygiene Auditing for the food service and catering industry

To make sure that you remain compliant to the Food Hygiene Regulations our Food safety auditors will use our Standard Checklist called Hygiene Check which explores the following regulated controls:-

  1. Construction , layout and workflow within food rooms
  2. Construction, cleanliness and storage of equipment
  3. Storage and handling of waste
  4. Control of ambient food storage areas
  5. Control of chilled and frozen food storage areas
  6. Personal hygiene and food handling practices
  7. Allergen handling practices
  8. Storage and use of cleaning materials & cleaning practices
  9. Pest prevention and pest control practices
  10. Temperature measurement equipment and practices
  11. Food safety records
  12. The HACCP based food safety management system
  13. Controlled staff questions to verify food safety awareness

You will receive a clear report and score for you to take action, to improve food hygiene standards.

Can I do these food safety audits in-house to improve my Food Hygiene Rating?

The answer is yes! Why not consider subscribing to our new HygieneCheck app! The app is simplicity to use. Visit our HygieneCheck app page!

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