This product recall has highlighted the importance of the mandatory requirement to seek premises approval before any food handling commences.

The current EU Food hygiene regulations (853/2004) are quite clear on this. A submission for approval needs to be sent to the local authority – this will contain details such as:

  1. Details of products to be handled
  2. Management and site contact details
  3. Copy HACCP Plan
  4. Details of implemented or proposed “pre-requisite” controls such as pest control arrangements, waste collection, site water supply, staff health and hygiene procedures and maintenance among others.
The purpose of this is for the local authority to verify, and further investigate as necessary, the food safety controls in place to ensure the safety of the consumer. 
No approval = no verification of food safety. Hence the full product withdrawal / recall.
Help is out there to implement HACCP based food safety management systems from us and many others.
The article can be read here.
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