Low food hygiene ratings – why do restaurants fail?

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Low food hygiene ratings – why do restaurants fail?

You only have to search through online media to discover story after story about zero food hygiene ratings. To prove the point, here’s an article relating to zero rated Birmingham…


Report: Man Dies After Botulism Poisoning

A man has died and several others are ill after consuming contaminated nacho cheese in California, USA. Follow the following link to read the full story: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/nacho-cheese-botulism-death-man-dies-north-california-petrol-station-matt-conens-public-health-a7750846.html

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Campylobacter in raw chicken

Campylobacter continues to be a problem in raw chicken. The first quarter results of the Food Standards Agency survey of raw, fresh whole chickens, which will see 4000 samples taken…

Food Safety News

Pathogens in berries

The EFSA has published scientific opinion on the prevalence, control measures to mitigate and possible monitoring systems (criteria) for Salmonella and Norovirus in berries. The overall conclusion points to the…

Food Safety News

Illness in East Anglia from Salmonella

The Food Standards Agency is reporting an outbreak involving 18 cases of illness from Salmonella goldcoast potentially linked to the consumption of whelks.Frozen and chilled whelks from a Kings Lynn…


New advice for food allergic consumers

New advice for food allergy sufferers has been issued by the Food Standard Agency in the light of the new Food Information Regulations which become effective late 2014 throughout Europe….

BRC Global Standards

BRC Global Standards Food Safety Europe 2013

An excellent opportunity for food safety professionals, managers and food business owners to learn about the latest thinking in food safety assurance, including the opportunity to participate in the break-out…

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Shocking hygiene statistics

The Hygiene Council have issued some shocking facts from a swabbing study of 140 homes in seven countries in a recent report on their website. The Hygiene Council is a…

BRC Global Standards

Major US recall of hard boiled eggs

The FDA has reported a major recall of specific lot dates of hard cooked eggs in brine, sold to distributors and manufacturers, after laboratory tests confirmed the presence of Listeria…