The Hygiene Council have issued some shocking facts from a swabbing study of 140 homes in seven countries in a recent report on their website. The Hygiene Council is a global initiative bringing together expert microbiologists and public health experts from around the world, formed to help combat the growing incidence of infections.

They confirmed something we always expected to be confirmed – that is:-

  • Kitchen cloths are a significant cross contamination route for many dangerous pathogens
  • E. Coli was present in 15% of British sinks
  • Whilst baths and showers were generally clean, only 45% of sinks were cleaned to the same standard.

They conclude that despite the increasing hygiene message being broadcast to the public there remains a gap between knowledge and practice. They have produced a best practice guideline sheet for the public which can be found on the same page as the link within this article.

Those within the food manufacturing, catering and food service industry will also find this fact-sheet useful as well as the many hygiene guidelines available from such sites as the UK Food Standards Agency and European Food Safety Authority.

An independent survey can also be arranged through MQM to assess current compliance with European Food Hygiene Regulations. Just click on our hygiene audit page to find out more.

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