The Food Standards Agency encourages all to publicly display their Food Hygiene Rating score, citing that it is having a positive impact on sales with customers looking for the food hygiene rating as part of their decision.

This may be pointing towards a trend where the food safety concerned consumer is not just making choices now based on pretty decoration, price or luxurious sounding menu’s alone!

If you want to improve your Food Hygiene rating score then we can really help. Here’s what really matters:-

  1. A food safety management system that is well executed and that all understand – requires senior management commitment and a commitment to staff development and training in food safety.
  2. Food Hygiene surveys or, as we call them, food safety (or food hygiene) audits, where an expert third party can highlight the good food safety practices and the practices that need improvement with sound advice on how to reach the goal of 5 stars!
  3. A good food safety culture – see numbers 1 and 2!
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