The HOST exhibition last week was simply huge! 18 halls of equipment for catering and hospitality and several hundred exhibitors. It was great to see such activity and such a positive outlook in the face of a gloomy economy.

So many of the equipment manufacturers take hygienic design on board now. This is heartening. On many stands there was evidence of a high degree of certification, to ISO 9001, CE, health & safety and food safety standards. Those who excel in hygienic design and control can take advantage of a specific¬†certification mark awarded for “fitness for purpose” in a food environment. This is good news for all who are concerned about food safety, providing the assurance of mitigated risk for those buying equipment and providing a unique marketing platform for those equipment providers who achieve certification.

Another unapproved premises. BRC Global Standards Issue 6 Guidance – Part 4 – HACCP Plan