The Food Standards Agency releases a recall notice concerning some ready-to-eat foods produced in unapproved premises, which you can read in full here. What does this mean?

Well it means that some food products have been made in food premises which are not known to the local authority. This in turn means that critical food safety control systems, such as HACCP, may not be in place. Indeed if a business owner decides to bypass the approval process, they are unlikely to care too much about having the appropriate food safety controls in place. The risk of poisonous or injurious food increases significantly.

So if you have some of these products in the fridge, however nice they may look, don’t be tempted to consume them. Approval or registration of a food business is a core requirement of the EC Food Hygiene Regulations. It means that they can be assessed for adequate controls, such as HACCP, before operations commence and food goes to market.

If you are planning a food business then please put in place the appropriate food safety controls and then approach the local authority for registration or approval. If you need help putting those food safety controls in place then give us a call first.


BRC Global Standards Issue 6 Guidance – Part 3 – HACCP Milan HOST exhibition