MQM Consulting is absolutely delighted to announce that it has joined a Consortium of like minded professional organisation providing services to the food and related industries. The Consortium was set up by Peter and Nathan Reilly – the father and son founders of Cleaner Products – a company dedicated to the provision of UK produced cleaning chemicals and full technical support to the food industry.

We have joined as the technical experts for Food safety, Food Hygiene Audits, HACCP and BRC Global Standards Certification. The Consortium contains dedicated professional companies within the pest control, cleaning chemicals, IT and customer services industries. This will soon grow to include other organisations able to offer other services to the food industry.

We remain as independent companies within the Consortium. This enables us all to draw on our strengths, collectively, and to provide a unique customer orientated service provision, without any conflict of interest. We support each other and have an innate trust in each other’s abilities which means that when we recommend each other to the food industry, we do so comfortably, knowing that the customer will receive a first rate service.

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