For those who would like to learn a little of what the BRC Global Standards (British Retail Consortium) Global Food Safety Standard is all about…..

It was the first technical food safety standard to be approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). It was implemented to ensure that those within the supply chain to the retailers followed a common food safety management approach, thus ending the need for each retailer to separately audit each food manufacturer or processor. It is now in its fifth issue and there are currently over 9700 certificated sites worldwide with acquisition of the BRC Global Standards Global Food Safety Standard increasing by some 15-20% year on year.

It is comprised of 7 sections, each containing mandatory clauses, that ensure control of each aspect of food safety and quality management at the food processor. Many parts of the Standard are closely allied to general quality standards such as ISO 9001 but with a much greater technical emphasis. Those 7 sections are:

1. Senior Management Commitment

2. HACCP food safety management system

3. Quality Management

4. Site Standards

5. Product Control

6. Process Control

7. Personnel

The BRC Global Standards Global Food Safety Standard is now one of 4, recognised by the GFSI and accepted as a certificated standard, demonstrating suitability to supply, by the major retailers worldwide. It is commonly accepted as one key supplier approval criterian too by the major foodservice companies and hotel groups worldwide. Indeed one of the key benefits of achieving BRC Global Standards certification is one of marketing – a food supplier is simply more likely to be approved as a supplier, easily, within the retailer supply chain and amongst the blue chip food service and hotel groups.

If you are considering seeking certification to the BRC Global Standards Global Food Safety Standard or simply want an independent expert to challenge your existing BRC Global Standards based systems with continual improvement in mind then please contact MQM Consulting. It is something we can definitely help you with, working with you to create and implement simple, practical procedures that you will truly own and understand.

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