Well done to Vermop!

The German cleaning equipment company has released an excellent guide in European Cleaning Journal.

It points out some of the fundamental assumptions that can be made in critical sectors such as medical and care and lead to infection and outbreaks. The guidance provided of course rings true for the equally critical food catering and processing sector.

I think of particular use is the reference to design of cleaning equipment and the sanitation of that very equipment to ensure that it remains safe to use.

It’s interesting to note that one of the most widely recognised Technical Standard, the BRC Global Standards Global Standard for Food Safety, now Issue 6, takes the issue of cleaning and disinfection to higher levels with a clause specifically directing the use of ATP swab testing, microbiological or chemical analysis to verify the absolute cleanliness of critical surfaces.

You might want some help reviewing your housekeeping and hygiene procedures? Do contact us if you are in the catering, hospitality or food processing sector and want assurance that you have considered appropriate controls for this potential route of contamination.

The anti food legislation congresswoman BRC Global Standards Issue 6 Guidance – Part 2 – HACCP