Prepacked food for direct sale – allergen information


Prepacked food for direct sale – allergen information

There is just over one year now before the changes to the FIR take effect, requiring that prepacked food for direct sale (PPDS) be labelled with the name of food…

BRC Global Standards

I’m in food storage and distribution – do I need a full HACCP Plan?

We quite often receive a question from the food or food packaging storage and distribution industry – especially from those considering certification to the BRC Global Standards Global Storage and…

BRC Global Standards

Listeria outbreak cantaloupe farmers face $250,000 fines and 1 year in prison

Food Quality News reports today on the penalty imposed on the cantaloupe farm owners who failed to implement properly a cleaning system installed which would have included an antibacterial spray….

Food Hygiene

Food Safety during the Olympics

With the Olympics just around the corner the Food Standards Agency have launched a campaign and some useful sources of information about their role and the role of caterers to…


New EU Food Labelling Regulations

The UK Food Standards Agency reports that the new Food Information Regulation has been published by the EU. This has been designed to make labelling clearer to the consumer. Most…