With the Olympics just around the corner the Food Standards Agency have launched a campaign and some useful sources of information about their role and the role of caterers to ensure food safety.

The link can be found here.

We think that this is an opportunity to promote the value of the independent food hygiene audit to any individual or company who will be preparing and serving food, in any capacity.

Benefits of the food hygiene (food safety) audit

  1. Expert assessment of your controls and premises against the European Food Hygiene Regulations and the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006 – these are the same pieces of legislation that the local environmental health officers will themselves be using to conduct official inspections.
  2. Clear and unambiguous colour coded hygiene audit reports that are easily understood.
  3. Full and simple debrief of on site staff by our expert auditors.
  4. Easier and better official inspections (by the environmental health officers) – you will already be compliant and protecting your due diligence!
  5. Reduced risk of legal contravention of civil litigation – common outcomes from food poisoning or food borne disease which result from poor food hygiene standards.

Can you afford not to if you are going to be an Olympics caterer? Call us or reply using the Contact Us page of our website to find out more about this affordable and essential service.

BRC Global Standards Issue 6 Guidance – Part 7 – Product Control BRC Global Standards Issue 6 Guidance – Part 8 – Process Control