The EFSA update reports that the Salmonella stanley outbreak affecting several EU countries is quite possibly linked to the turkey production chain, but that other meat sources cannot be ruled out. No solid control measures have yet been put in place so numbers of cases could rise.

We would wholly endorse the advice provided by the Agency for caterers and consumers to be extremely diligent, as per usual, to ensure correct cooking and to avoid cross contamination to other ready-to-eat foods.

  • Cook raw turkey to a core (middle) temperature of 75C – check with a temperature probe or ensure that juices from the thickest part of the meat run perfectly clear (with no red / pink).
  • Store raw meats separately from ready to eat foods.
  • Wash the hands thoroughly after touching raw meat or any equipment used to handle it.
  • Thoroughly sanitise any equipment, surfaces and tap / fridge / door handles that may have come into contact with contaminated meat or hands.


Salmonella in cantaloupe melons BRC Global Standards Global Food Safety Standard Issue 6 Guidelines