BRC Global Standards

BRC Global Standards Issue 6 Guidance – Part 3 – HACCP

Following our last post we continue our guidance on implementing a BRC Global Standards Global Standard Issue 6 compliant HACCP Plan.   Section 2.3 Describing the Product I’m often asked…

Food Hygiene

Vomit polished cutlery in New York!!

The scene: Late evening – a pub / restaurant in New York. A drunken man vomits into a glass which spills onto the table. A waiter takes off the table…

Food Safety News

FSA recall – product packaged in unapproved premises

This product recall has highlighted the importance of the mandatory requirement to seek premises approval before any food handling commences. The current EU Food hygiene¬†regulations¬†(853/2004) are quite clear on this….

BRC Global Standards

BRC Global Standards Issue 6 Guidance – Part 2 – HACCP

HACCP Last time we covered the extra requirements (over Issue 5) for section 1 – Senior Management Commitment This time we shall start to look at the BRC Global Standards…

BRC Global Standards

A good cleaning article

Well done to Vermop! The German cleaning equipment company has released an excellent guide in European Cleaning Journal. It points out some of the fundamental assumptions that can be made…


The anti food legislation congresswoman

What an interesting but alarming article in the Think Progress Economy newsletter. A congresswomen who would like to “do away” with food safety legislation! Legislation has not been designed to…

BRC Global Standards

BRC Global Standards Issue 6 Guidance – Part 1 – Senior Management Commitment

We at MQM have decided that it would be helpful to all those certificated food processors out there, and those who might wish to become certificated to the BRC Global…


Best before, Use By and Display Until dates

I would not be surprised if the average consumer was left even more confused by the media, including BBC Breakfast this morning. Even the Freesat “text” service seemed to indicate…

Food Hygiene

Hand washing failure

A very interesting, or perhaps alarming, summary within the European Cleaning Journal has been released concerning the failure of food handlers to wash their hands. The survey was carried out…