BRC Global Standards

The BRC Global Standards Global Conference and Food Safety Europe 2013

Food equipment and materials Certification Body HACCP International were delighted to be present as sponsor of the BRC Global Standards (British Retail Consortium) Certification Body (CB) and Approved Training Provider…

BRC Global Standards

Listeria outbreak cantaloupe farmers face $250,000 fines and 1 year in prison

Food Quality News reports today on the penalty imposed on the cantaloupe farm owners who failed to implement properly a cleaning system installed which would have included an antibacterial spray….

Food Safety News

Illness in East Anglia from Salmonella

The Food Standards Agency is reporting an outbreak involving 18 cases of illness from Salmonella goldcoast potentially linked to the consumption of whelks.Frozen and chilled whelks from a Kings Lynn…

Food Hygiene

Public are using The Food Hygiene rating scheme

The Food Standards Agency encourages all to publicly display their Food Hygiene Rating score, citing that it is having a positive impact on sales with customers looking for the food…


New advice for food allergic consumers

New advice for food allergy sufferers has been issued by the Food Standard Agency in the light of the new Food Information Regulations which become effective late 2014 throughout Europe….

Food Safety News

Listeria and Campylobacter

The Food Standards Agency, sensibly, continues to target these organisms as part of its overall food-borne illness reduction strategy. Campylobacter they report is considered to be responsible for about 460,000…

BRC Global Standards

BRC Global Standards Food Safety Europe 2013

An excellent opportunity for food safety professionals, managers and food business owners to learn about the latest thinking in food safety assurance, including the opportunity to participate in the break-out…


Sustainability in the food industry

In an Europe which has now had 10 years of stringent food safety legislation, food companies are seeking other ways to differentiate themselves, with many choosing sustainability as the way…

BRC Global Standards Issue 6

Unauthorised meat content

As the news surrounding the horse and pig meat found in beef products continues we look at some lessons for the future: We all need to await for the outcome…