BRC Global Standards Global Food Safety Standard Issue 8

Is HACCP disappearing from ISO 22000:2018?

Recent sources on a certain well-known business based social media site have suggested that HACCP is disappearing, and ISO is the way to go – this almost certainly being a…

BRC Global Standards

I’m in food storage and distribution – do I need a full HACCP Plan?

We quite often receive a question from the food or food packaging storage and distribution industry – especially from those considering certification to the BRC Global Standards Global Storage and…

BRC Global Standards

The first audits against Issue 8 of the BRC Global Standards Global Food Safety Standard

Congratulations to Stephens Fresh Foods in Kent, for achieving a Grade A after their first audit against the new BRC Global Standards Global Food Safety Standard Issue 8!¬† Stephens Fresh…


London Underground superbugs warning prompts deep-cleaning

Tube travellers listen up!!! Parts of the London Underground network will be deep-cleaned every night this summer after dangerous superbugs were discovered. Read the following on Sky News


Could the charcoal food trend be damaging our health?

Charcoal has been rapidly gaining popularity as an ingredient in everything from burgers and hotdogs, to toothpaste and makeup. All sorts of health claims are also being made to warrant…


Report: Man Dies After Botulism Poisoning

A man has died and several others are ill after consuming contaminated nacho cheese in California, USA. Follow the following link to read the full story:


Internal auditing as part of the BRC Global Standards Global Storage & Distribution Standard

As part of our next topic in the series on the BRC Global Standards Global Storage and Distribution Standard we examine the need for effective internal auditing, required in clause…

BRC Global Standards Storage and Distribution

US recall of Salmonella contaminated chicken products

  The USDA has issued a Class 1 recall of chicken products contaminated with Salmonella enteritidis A Chicken Kiev product has been associated with a specific illness cluster.¬†Evidence that is…


Food Standards Agency – Look before you book this Valentines Day

News from the Food Standards Agency – A Valentine’s Day meal needs to be special. After choosing flowers or chocolates, the next big question is where to go for that…