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BRC Global Standards Issue 6

Unauthorised meat content

As the news surrounding the horse and pig meat found in beef products continues we look at some lessons for the future: We all need to await for the outcome…

BRC Global Standards

Major US recall of hard boiled eggs

The FDA has reported a major recall of specific lot dates of hard cooked eggs in brine, sold to distributors and manufacturers, after laboratory tests confirmed the presence of Listeria…

BRC Global Standards

Salmonella in cantaloupe melons

Following the earlier outbreak from Listeria in cantaloupe melons there is now an outbreak from Salmonella typhimurium also linked to cantaloupe melon according to a report in Just-Food. This has…

Food Safety News

No confirmed cause of Clostridium botulinum outbreak

Food Quality News reports that a spokesperson from the Food Standards Agency has said that no confirmed cause of the family outbreak from the Lloyd Grossman Korma sauce, produced by…


Banoffee tart box. New York Cheesecake inside.

I guess it’s no wonder that extremely stringent packaging check procedures are demanded by Issue 6 of the BRC Global Standards Global Food Standard when you read this article from the…

Food Safety News

Advice to reduce risk from botulism

The Food Standards Agency has released a communication concerning some common sense controls to avoid risk. The main points are targeted towards the consumer who does not need, of course, to follow…

Food Safety News

US Canteloupe Listeria outbreak linked to packaging machinery

This recent and very serious Listeria outbreak in the US has been reported by Food Quality News as the worst in modern history with a death toll of 29. Listeria can,…


Another unapproved premises.

The Food Standards Agency releases a recall notice concerning some ready-to-eat foods produced in unapproved premises, which you can read in full here. What does this mean? Well it means…

Food Safety News

FSA recall – product packaged in unapproved premises

This product recall has highlighted the importance of the mandatory requirement to seek premises approval before any food handling commences. The current EU Food hygiene regulations (853/2004) are quite clear on this….